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Children Book Illustrations

Our passionate storytelling artists and illustrators create vibrant-colored illustrations that boost kids’ comprehension and broaden their imagination. From picture books to alphabet books to fairytales and folklore, we create digital artworks for all children’s book genres.

Brand Illustrations

Give your brand the game face it needs to succeed with our impeccable business illustration services. Our dedicated team of illustrators expresses your brand’s story through artistic and memorable illustrations that help your brand stand out amongst other frontrunners in your industry.

Storyboard Illustrations

The storyboards are a crucial part of the pre-production process. Our storyboard illustrations are drawn with meticulous care and attention that help convey how the story will flow and allow the production team to identify overlooked errors beforehand. From animated to film to floating, our storyboard maestros have worked on all types of storyboards.


NFT (Non-fungible token) market is growing at a fast pace. Our professional NFT graphic designers and illustrators create unique NFTs that help you rise above the noise amongst other NFT sellers and provide you with an amazing opportunity to boost your net worth.

Character Illustrations

Extatic Design provides high-quality character illustration services. Whether you need realistic 3D style characters or flat geometric characters, we have got you covered. We have some of the industry’s best character illustrators under our roof who know how to play with proportions, shapes, and colors to create exciting, goofy characters!

Pop Art Illustrations

Pop art is the most instantly recognizable form of art. Our enthusiastic pop art illustrators go above and beyond to create funky pop art illustrations inspired by renowned pop artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and more.

Comic Illustrations

From short comic strips to full-page comics, we create creative comic illustrations for both children and adults. We leverage the latest tools and techniques to provide high-quality comic illustrations that perfectly convey your story to the readers.

Digital Art Commissions That Perfectly Resonates
with Your Audience

Extatic Design has helped several comic book and manga publishers,
filmmakers, and production houses by transforming their visions into unforgettable beautiful illustrations
that perfectly resonate with their target audience.

How We Work


We first start by analyzing hand-drawn sketches of the clients, and understanding the idea behind them. We hold a long-form discussion on what the client hopes to achieve via illustrations.


This is where we put the client’s vision onto the canvas. We create sketches while making sure all the hues, textures, and other elements align with the client’s vision. Our internal design team reviews it to ensure all the guidelines are met.


We submit the illustrations to the clients in the specified formats they ask for. On every illustration, we offer up to 3 revisions so that the client is 100% satisfied.

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