4 Awesome Web Design tips to attract more visitors

Business dynamics have evolved drastically. Back then, attractive points of displays used to grab potential prospects’ attention, now, all that has been replaced with a website.

It’s good if you have a physical store but having a website has become a necessity nowadays. If you don’t have a website as of yet, we recommend you build one with the help of professional web design and development companies around you.

But if you already own one, you might want to check whether your website is attracting the right audience, and converting them.

In this blog, you will find 4 awesome web design tips to attract more visitors and persuade them to buy.

So, without any further ado.

Let’s jump into them!

Keep Your Site Free of Errors

Imagine you click on a website you wanted to visit and see an error message pop up. Will you visit that website again?

No one would want to come back to a site with missing and malfunctioning pages. So, make sure your website is free from these errors, or else you will lose hundreds and thousands of visitors.

There are a plethora of page-checking tools which you can use to identify and fix any bugs in your website. If you find this job difficult, we recommend Once you find them, you’ll need to put the correct link or fix the error. And if you can’t do this, then we recommend you avail professional web development services.

Pay Attention to Loading Speed

According to statistics, website conversion rates are adversely impacted by an average of 4.42% with each extra second of load time (between seconds 0-5)

Embedding too many elements into the website, to attract more visitors, will only decrease your website traffic and increase your bounce rates. Sometimes, loading speed slows down due to massive website traffic.

When the page load speed slows down numerous times, search engine bots are forced to reduce your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, what should be done?

Make sure there are no heavy GIFs, long videos, or complex graphic elements on your website especially the home page. Use free tools to monitor and control your page load speed. Go to any WordPress website design company and they will guide you better on the tools and monitoring.

The recommended load time for any website is under 3 seconds. Make sure to keep this in mind while designing and developing your website.

Incorporate Social Media Buttons

The powerful influence of social media has rendered social media buttons on every website a necessity!

The social media handles on websites not only help visitors explore more about your business but also enable them to share your pages.

Your presence on other platforms builds credibility and allows visitors to trust you more than other competitors who don’t have anything other than a website.

The majority of the web design and development companies, add the social media buttons at the bottom of each page, and under every blog post. Have you ever wondered why?

That’s because most visitors scroll down to the bottom of the website to explore your social media accounts. Placing social media icons at the end of each blog post is recommended so visitors can share it instantly if they like the creative content.

Embed Images of Real People

The images of real people bring profound impacts on a website.

1Figure 1.

Figure 2.

These are the ‘About Us’ pages of two digital marketing agencies. Which image caught your attention at an instant? Which page looks a little reliable?

While other aspects influence the users’ opinions about a website, images of real people subconsciously persuade humans to trust a specific website more. Adding images will help you establish reliability, and generate positive emotions.

Some corporate web design services often embed stock images which are also great. But make sure you only use high-quality images on your website. Free photos with low quality will not impress your audience, and they may never visit your website again.

Do anything to grab the attention of your visitors in the first go!

Get Started

Now that you know the 4 awesome web design tips to attract more visitors, it’s time to create your website.

Try out these tips, explore more web designing tips, and see which ones work best for you and your prospective customers.

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