How To Successfully Market on LinkedIn

From a professional network to an influential marketing tool, LinkedIn has come a long way!

While some businesses still rely on Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing, others use LinkedIn as their top marketing tool.

With More Than 180 Million Users, LinkedIn Is the Most Used App Across the United States of America.

This makes LinkedIn a powerful marketing resource for several B2B marketers to tap into.

Businesses are working tirelessly to perfect their LinkedIn digital marketing strategy to establish a strong brand identity and attract more prospects on the world’s largest professional network.

In this blog, we will guide you on leveraging LinkedIn to boost your marketing game.

Let’s jump right into it!

Fill Out Your LinkedIn Company Profile Completely

This may appear like a fundamental step, but filling out all the fields of your LinkedIn account can positively impact your marketing goals.

Did you know that LinkedIn Business Accounts with complete information get twice more visitors than those with incomplete page profiles?

While filling out your company profile, make sure you give special attention to the ‘company description’ field.

This is the part where you can impress your potential prospects and employees by telling them what makes your company better and different from others.

Make sure you upload a high-quality logo design and cover image to set a great first impression on anyone who lands on your LinkedIn Business Profile.

A business profile with complete information will not only help you establish a solid brand image but will also encourage prospects to think of you as a legitimate and professional company – helping you achieve your marketing goals!

Create & Maintain a Consistent Content Schedule

Powerful and persuasive content can turn the tables in your favour.

That’s why most digital marketing strategy agencies emphasize posting great content regularly or according to a set schedule.

Consistent and valuable content help develop trust with your connections and position your business as a legitimate authority within your industry. Companies, who are perceived as an expert, are likely to get more connections, and leads.

The content should be less about your business offerings and more about the benefits obtained from those business offerings. Create content that educates, informs, inspires or entertains your target audience. This will enable users to engage with your content and establish a connection with your company.

Daily postings can be challenging and hectic to manage. That’s why we recommend you aim for at least one post per week or outsource this task to a professional digital marketing agency.

Involve Your Colleagues and Employees

Your organization’s employees and employers can take your LinkedIn Marketing game one step ahead!

With their support, you can establish strong visibility of your company’s profile.

Ask Employees To Engage With Your Content

Liking, commenting, and sharing posts will spread your company’s content to their networks, helping you to boost your company’s reach and connect with several potential prospects.

Ask Employees To Fill Out Their LinkedIn Profiles

Your LinkedIn business profile and profiles of the people associated with your company plays an essential part in the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Imagine you are working in a company comprising 50 individuals. If all employees add the company’s name to their profiles, what impact will it bring?

According to LinkedIn statistics, mentioning company’s name in LinkedIn individual profiles improves search rankings both on and off LinkedIn.

Get Started with LinkedIn Marketing

With the right digital marketing strategy in hand, LinkedIn can profoundly impact your company and help you accomplish all marketing goals.

We hope the above tips will help you design and develop a successful digital marketing strategy for your business.

If you are hesitant about doing this yourself, we recommend you avail professional digital and social media marketing services such as Extatic Design.

Our experienced marketing specialists at Extatic Design do extensive research of the business and its prospects before developing a successful digital marketing strategy to reach and convert the right audience at the right time.

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