5 Common Misconceptions About Logo Designs

Logo designs are often misinterpreted. There are myriads of myths associated with logo designs.

Many logo designers blindly follow these myths in an attempt to create a compelling logos for businesses. While some myths do work, most of them don’t because they aren’t backed with logic or valid reasoning. In this blog, we have combined the 5 common misconceptions about logo design.

Let’s delve right into them!

A Logo Without a Symbol Won’t Last Long

If this was true, we would have no idea what GOOGLE is! Incorporating a unique emblem into a logo design is recommended but not mandatory. You can experiment with just alphabets and create something unique. Take GOOGLE’s logo for instance.

Have you ever wondered what makes this brand’ logo design unique?

The different colors of google represents variety and versatility. The vibrant colors instantly captivate audiences’ attention which is the primary goal of most logo designs. Any professional logo design company will never agree to the myth that a logo design must have a symbol because they are well-aware that symbols aren’t mandatory to make a logo design memorable and unique.

A Logo Design Should Follow Other Business Trends

Every industry has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to business logo designing.

Even though logo design and development agencies should surround logo designs around these defined industry boundaries, it isn’t a necessity. If you have a creative logo design in mind and you think it will be liked by your potential prospects, we encourage you to go for it!

Just make sure to consult a professional logo development company that clearly understands your expectations, and craft a compelling logo design just how you envisioned.

Logos Should Be Timeless

This phrase is commonly used in business logo design companies.

Do you really think a logo design should be timeless considering the fact that the design industry is evolving with every passing day?

Logo designs must be evolved with time. Try tweaking the color a bit, or may be consider altering the font style. Several well-known brands, like Pepsi, Shell, IBM, SEGA, and others have changed their logos over the years, in an attempt to keep redundancy away from the brand.

Corporate logo designs require scrutiny every now and then so they align well with the changing target audience and logo design trends.

Logo Design Must Impress Everyone In The Room!

A logo design must creatively communicate the products and/or services offered by the business. This should be the only focus of your logo design.

Imagine your logo design impresses everyone except the individuals who are your target audience, is it a good scenario? Of course not.

Your target audience are the people that matter the most. They are the people who will get you loads and loads of revenue. If your target audience aren’t attracted to your logo design, chances are very less that they would want to avail your products or services. You should consult business logo design companies that craft logo designs that specifically represents your business, and appeals your potential prospects.

Wrapping Up…

So that’s it on the most common misconceptions about logo design.

Whether you are a professional logo designer in Dallas, or a new startup looking for a professional logo design company, its important for you to be aware of these misconceptions. We recommend you hiring a professional logo development company such as Extatic Design that isn’t confined with the bridled boundaries of these logo designing myths, and craft compelling logo designs that instantly grab attention of the target audience.

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