Captivating Logo Designs to Boost Sales in Health Industry

Logos have become an essential strategic tool for businesses around the globe.

A human brain possesses the ability to process an image 60000 times faster than words.

This is why several businesses invest hundreds of dollars and hire professional logo design agencies to get the BEST LOGO DESIGN!

Logos are the outlook of a business and, therefore, play a significant role in communicating the business offerings and objectives.

If you are thinking of starting a business in the health industry, make sure your logo sets a strong foothold amongst other competent frontrunners in the health industry.

In this blog, we have gathered some captivating logo designs in the Healthcare industry.


It is a business venture specializing in the sales of health and beauty aid products alongside a vast chain of pharmacies.

The logo for CVS is elementary in approach but does fulfill its core job successfully, which is to deliver a clear brand outlook to others.

It uses the red color, which is often associated with medical emergencies and hospitals, expertly. It is limited to the initials of the company alongside a linear-looking heart.

The font styles used here are very basic in approach yet effective when appealing someone’s attention.


McKesson Corporation specializes in medical equipment distribution, alongside running a successful chain of pharmacies.

McKesson’s logo follows a much more practical and basic approach. They have played with typography perfectly.

Just by experimenting with alphabets, the designer has done a fantastic job at creating a captivating logo.

The tagline ‘empowering healthcare’ adds value to the name above, and does accomplish the goal of giving away what the company is all about.


Cigna is an American-based multinational company that offers services in medical insurances and medical equipment supply chain.

Cigna’s logo looks like a work of a magician. The font, color, and symbolic nature complement each other perfectly.

The symbol here idealizes the core function of their business, which is medical insurance, as it depicts a person enjoying the beauty of nature around him.

The color combination here is the key to the success of the logo. The blue shade of the font compliments the Green in the symbol that appears soothing to one’s eyes.


Cardinal Health” is an American multinational company that specializes in the manufacturing of medical supplies. It also possesses a strong distribution chain as well. It also owns a chain of radiopharmacy.

Much like most of the logos used in the healthcare industry, Cardinal Health follows the mantra of being basic in logos.

It relies solely on the company’s name and the font used to present it in the logo. But the users will most likely be attracted to its elegance anyway.

Then we have those curved lines intercepting each other, signifying the Radio-Pharmaceutical aspect of their business.


HCA Healthcare is a for-profit operator of healthcare facilities, that owns and operates around 200 hospitals and 2200 sites of other healthcare facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yet again, a primary and straightforward logo. Only this time, having some symbolism with it. A professional logo designing company, like Extatic design, would understand this very well.

The whole logo is based on the name of the company. But this time, they deployed the tactic of using different fonts in the same phrase.

The abbreviation fields a bold and significant-appearing font, while the domain fields a basic style of font, almost playing second fiddle to the acronym. It includes a plus sign to give away the nature of their business.


Logo designing requires a lot of precision and research. Professional logo designers tend to follow the research strategy to attain accuracy.

The Healthcare industry uses this aspect of marketing as well in an attempt to reach a wider audience.

Currently, there seems to be a particular pattern involving logo designing services concerning the industry.

Whether anyone decides to break free of this pattern or not is yet to be seen. But right now, businesses involved in the healthcare industry seem to be enjoying greater profits with this logo designing culture.


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