Important things To Consider When Doing A Brand Logo Design

A brand logo is one of the first things which needs to be addressed after finalizing the name of the company and sometimes after the website design for company, it has to be done even before the inception of the firm.

Making/Ordering a brand logo from professional logo design company or designing a brand logo has always been a challenging decision. As small as it looks, sometimes it ends up costing thousands in revenue. So before making a decision, our advice to you will be how much are you willing to spend on your brand logo.

The internet is filled with business logo design companies and it is very difficult to fish from the lot. Some consider going for a brand logo design, some consider a graphic designer and some want to avail cheap logo design service. There are many internet logo designing services that can do a decent job for a fraction of a price.

There is no specific order to tasks when starting the designing process of your brand logo. Some people consider finances, some crave quality, and some go for simplicity and best corporate logo design. Our motto is pretty much providing all of the above in a considerable price range.

There are tons of web logo design services on the web, selecting the best is always a gamble or rather a decision of luck. Most of the web designing services provide generic logo designs which are tailored for fitting all. They might be generic but can serve as a great stepping stone for a plethora of your ideas. But if you are up for cashing out on these services, some websites offer complete personalization and sometimes along with a web-based graphic designer. Some websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Godaddy, etc. advertise several graphic designers who are up for freelance work.

Why is it important to establish your Brand Identity?

Establishing a brand identity has become the most critical step in launching your business.

The world of services and products has become a very competitive space. Establishing a brand image helps you stand out from the crowd and makes you noticeable amongst a crowded space. One must make sure to do every possible effort in marketing the brand for a probable buy.

The brand identity plays a very important role and can be established with the help of marketing strategies, unique and attractive logos, advertisements, and others. The most important of them all and a business’s most crucial step is the brand logo design which is necessary for marketing material such as business cards, pamphlets, standees, banners, and other marketing gimmicks. They cannot just google business cards maker near me and get the best service.

As mentioned earlier, a corporate logo design is the first and crucial step of a business. Most companies hire a brand manager or a brand executive to design the image of their business, especially when you are about to start on a larger scale. It can also be done by other logo design and development agency if you are just starting up and do not have enough resources to hire a brand manager. But we recommend taking a brand manager on board in the earlier steps to navigate the newborn business in the right direction. It can be a reason to avoid unwanted costs in terms of advertisements and marketing if you have the right person to do their job.

Why having a good logo design important?

Every business wants a clear and transparent image of their business in the market for attracting the right pool of customers. This can be achieved rightly if you have the right tools. The right tools we recommend are a great marketing team, a good product, and a well-sorted brand logo design. Yes, it is a lot of work, but we assure you it’s going to pay off in the long run.

Having a brand identity is as important as having a great product to sell. No one is going to buy your product if he does not know about it. Reaching out to your customers is as equally important as having the right product.

The next question we would like to answer is, why would the customer go for your product and how can you make him choose you?

The initial customers have the right to shoot you to the stars or pin you to the ground. But getting the customers to choose you, a bigger issue to tackle. Here comes the brand imaging. Brand imaging is as important as your product. Therefore, it must be done from logo design and development agency. It has to be done in such a way that the customer feels he can trust you, and is willing to change his old brand to you. For doing that, he needs to be visually assured and lured in with your brand image.

The most important aspect of your brand image is your brand logo design. The brand logo design is the entry point for your clients to notice your business initially. Getting this right can solve many problems in the beginning to an everlasting visual representation of your business that instantly grabs the attention of your customers, wherever and whenever.

Does your logo look unique and attractive?

The brand logo of your business is the reflection of your company and is your company’s visual identity. A business owner cannot overlook the importance of a great logo for your company for you to succeed in your space. A great brand logo can induce trust in your customers and hence leading to customer traffic to your business. More customers mean more sales and thus making your business a hit. An easy formula starting with a great brand logo design.

A brand logo is designed in such a way as to give your customers an idea of the products or services you intend to provide. In this competitive market, your business needs to stand out, be visually engaging. We recommend going for affordable logo design services if you are a start-up. Some companies know the importance of a logo, hence they go out and hire a logo designer.

A business’s logo must look unique and attractive to attract the right customers. Before finalizing any logo, we recommend doing market research to understand customer response and their reaction to it. If the customers are mistaking your logo for another company and are not attracted to it, it is the right time for you to look into it and vamp it up a little. Yes, it will incur little extra costs, but it is worth it in the long run.

A logo is used on all marketing material such as business cards, pamphlets, banners, hoardings, your website, and other advertising platforms and materials. A logo must be appealing, must be relevant, must be unique, must be appealing, and most importantly must be memorable. All these traits in your logo are necessary to stand out from your competitors.

Is it smart to choose a logo design service?

It is indeed a smart decision to go for a logo design service. There are many professional logo designing services available on the web. These service providers offer remote custom designing facilities as per the client’s requirement. You will be able to convey your specific requirements to the web service providers in detail for them to be able to recreate the same image of your company or business in your logo. There are many affordable logo designing and branding services available online for your perusal. We recommend spending a little time researching such web designing services to select the best of many for your perfect logo.

We would also recommend you to look for logo design services agencies in your area, as they might offer a more personal touch to your logo, as they have been in business in your area and are more aware of what customers would prefer around them. It is again a personal choice and a lot of research is recommended by us before finalizing your logo design service.

Is the decision-maker comfortable in using online logo design services?

Online logo design services, especially the free ones design a very generic logo for their client. Other services available online offer custom design services for a premium, which is comparatively cheaper than the other alternatives out in the market. It completely depends on how comfortable the client or the decision-maker is in using online logo design services as they require major trust in letting the online logo design service as they will be provided by the company documents and they have it in their hand to provide good service. It is most definitely a risk that pays out in most cases.

Once you decide on using an online logo design service, you will need to notch up your communication game. All relevant documents should be provided to the service provider for them to fully understand your requirements. Some documents which are utterly necessary for them to review will consist of your company background, extensive knowledge of your product and services, your target audience, and most importantly your mission and values.

The logo design and development service will be able to provide you with their best version of the logo once you have communicated with them with all your needs. Make sure to also mention some areas you do not want them to touch in and to provide them with some relevant designs you think will be beneficial to them. All this extra work will save you plenty of time and help get to a good logo design in your provided timeline.

Is hiring a logo designer an expensive choice?

One other route many businesses make is hiring a professional logo designer near them. It is indeed a little more expensive than the remaining options available in the market but can be the best option in terms of experience and ingenuity. Professional logo designers are experienced in creating the best image for your business which can exponentially increase your reach to your targeted audience. These professional logo designers know what your business needs and what suits you best as a brand logo for your business. We would recommend looking for an experienced logo designer in your vicinity to save costs. One more benefit of looking for designers near you would be that he would understand the customer dynamics of the area hence increasing your reach to your potential customer.

Logo designers which work in the niche of your business will be completely aware of your needs and requirements. Less time and effort is likely to be spent in communicating your needs to the professional logo designer as he is aware of both what you need and what your targeted customer looks like. Professional designers cost more than any logo designer service or web-based service, as their end product is focused on the requirements shared by you. A professional logo designer, specific to your business niche, ought to cost more.

Now, let us start over some basic yet critical steps to go about when starting your brand logo design. Brand logo designing can be a cumbersome process sometimes taking more time than anticipated. Deciding on a timeline has to be the first step to take when going forward for your brand logo design.

After deciding your timeline within your colleagues or your organization, the next step comes off to see what kind of options you have available. There are many options available to go about when looking for options to design your brand logo. There are online logo design services, which can do a good generic job if you are looking for a cheap logo design. There are logo design services, which can do a tailored job only for your brand logo design. Yes, they are a great option but can cost you a little more depending on who you select for the logo design.

One other thing, most well-sorted individuals do, is to go outright and hire a logo designer near them. The logo designer, yes this is an expensive choice, but the cost does pay well in the long term. Logo designers have their niche in which they operate, some design for fashion outlets and some designs for food businesses. Our advice will be to get someone who has previous experience in your line of business for a better outcome before availing the affordable graphic design services in NYC.

Once you have finalized your logo designer or your logo design service, the most important step according to us is constant and proper communication. Before the contract is awarded, the methods and duration of communication must be specified for clarity. Some designers prefer constant communication whereas some would like to communicate when any issue or problem arises. All this must be documented before the start of the project, only to avoid any possible conflict between the client and the designer.

For a successful and meaningful logo, it is always recommended to provide the designer with ample and relevant documents of the company, only for him to understand the gist of the company and what values and mission the company drools upon for delivering the perfect message through the company’s logo. This step is often missed by the client and the designer, but for us, this step is most important for making sure the logo delivers its purpose.

The brand designer, once aware of the business, will be in full gear to start his work. The way most designers work is first they take a good look at the company’s profile, study their target audience and then take the next step, the next step in our books is brainstorming before availing company logo design services.

Brainstorming for a logo is sketching different designs on a piece of paper or on a chalkboard to get the gist of how the logo looks. Communicating with the client and their branding teams to understand what else would they want their logo to say and all the other nitty-gritties one looks at in a logo.

The time taken for brainstorming on a logo completely depends on the logo designer. Some logo designers can take up to weeks and months brainstorming, while some take a couple of days to come up with a sketch. There is no textbook method when it comes to brainstorming, and depends on the creative strength from person to person.

The brainstorming activity covers the aspects such as attractiveness, uniqueness, timelessness, memorability, professionalism, scalability, and relevance to the brand. The designer keeps all of these aspects in the front of his head while doing the brainstorming activity and makes sure to cover all aspects when he starts to design the actual brand logo

The aforementioned aspects of brainstorming are a go-to for all major logo design services. We think the aspects need to be explained a little more for a better understanding of how a corporate logo design service works and how they think.


The logo has to attract attention. Not to one, but all its viewers. Be it customers, passersby or anyone, they should rest their eyes for a minute. Taking the example of McDonald’s, the golden arches make sure they attract customers from far-away and lure them towards themselves.



The uniqueness in a logo is equally should be able to stand out from the rest of its competitors and represent itself uniquely. One reason we recommend going for a professional brand logo designer is due to their ability to design a unique logo, which will stress standing outside the crowd.


Changing a company logo can be a hectic and a big financial decision. Companies do not tend to change their logo for a longer period of time for a variety of reasons. Maybe the brand logo has become too acquainted with many customers, changing the logo needs a handful of financial commitments or it’s just too much work. So before finalizing a logo, we recommend you make sure that it is not just a trendy piece of art but a long-lasting image of your business from web design and development agency.


The logo should be remembered by the customer even with his eyes closed. Taking examples of major brands, such as apple, it is very easily instilled in a customer’s mind. One look at a shiny silver apple takes you to the Apple corporation. So make sure to have the best colors, the best fonts, the best style to register it in the customer’s mind without fail.


You have a small firm or a big business corporation, the brand logo must look professional. The logo of the company gives it an image. Your logo determines if your business is professional and if the company can be trusted. A non-professional logo accompanies a high risk of customers not taking the business seriously.


Whether designing for a firm of 20 individuals or a firm of 500 individuals, the logo design should be adaptable to any size. Most startups make the wrong decision of not emphasizing scalability and tend to change their logos after a short period when they expand their business. Scalability can also be referred to the size of the image of the logo, it should be clear within a business card and also on a large-sized SMD on times square and graphic design Dallas, Texas. Never compromise on the quality of the designed logo.


The logo should reflect upon your business. A logo containing a pizza with the business of cement blocks will never reach out to the right customers. Make sure that your logo depicts your business and reaches out to the right customers.

After covering all these topics in the initial phases of communication and brainstorming, we also recommend providing the brand logo design with some relevant designs you think aligns with your business. Also, do not hesitate in communicating the areas you do not want the designer to engage to save a bunch of time in the designing process. Such mistakes can be both a loss of time and money if not communicated properly in the beginning.

Some designers take a longer time to complete their designs. As a client, you should be in full control of the communication and make sure the designing process is done in the timeline provided.

Once the brand logo is completed, we recommend you to ask for all the versions of the logo in all the formats it was designed in. For scalability, it is extremely important that you ask your logo designer to provide you with various sizes, for business cards, for large hoardings, for car advertisements and other marketing materials, and check them thoroughly. This step is crucial to make sure that the logo provided is adaptable to all sizes. This step is going to help you in the future and also to design your marketing campaigns.

A couple more crucial steps to take when signing off the brand design is to do a market survey for the customers to give you feedback on whether the logo is memorable, is it unique, and attractive. Most business owners skip this step and tend to change their logo shortly after they launch it due to issues in customer ownership.

You must also check thoroughly if the brand logo design is unique and has not been replicated elsewhere. This step is very crucial in order to avoid any future copy write issues that may arise in the future.

There are a couple of ways to see if your logo is unique. Using Google reverse image search one can find out if the logo is unique or not. Other platforms to search region and industry-specific logos are Cruchbase and Angellist. These platforms search thousands of mid-size, small-size businesses and give you a clear indication if your logo is unique and original. Also doing a local search on your Yellow pages is always a good starting point.

If all these steps are ticking your boxes, we think you will be good to sign off your logo design. All these steps are very crucial from start to finish in your journey of designing a brand logo design.

A brand logo design is the face of a business and if not executed correctly can cause a lot of hiccups on the way to run your business. We recommend researching thoroughly and scanning through all the options when deciding on which route to take for designing your brand logo design with affordable logo design services.

Going the extra mile in designing your company’s face is always a better choice for business owners. Veteran business owners know the value of a good logo design and the fruits it reaps for their business. We recommend you follow all these steps the next time you decide to start designing a logo or approach a logo design service to do so.

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