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How Much to Pay a Graphic Designer for A Logo?

The cost of a logo design varies between zero (if you are making it yourself) to tens and thousands of dollars!

Businesses understand the significance and benefits of having a great logo design.

A great logo design sets a great first impression on the prospects, encourages them to learn more about the company, and avail the products and services.

That’s why 14% of small businesses, despite their limited budget, spend more than $1000 on new logo designs followed by $57 spending $500 on their logos. 

But every great logo design comes with a substantial cost.

If you need a new logo design for your business or want to revamp your existing one and don’t know exactly how much to pay your graphic designer for a logo, this blog post is for you!

Whether you are hiring a freelance logo designer or signing a contract with a professional logo design company, thoroughly read these questions to decide the right amount to pay your graphic designer.

Let’s delve right into it!

How Experienced Is Your Graphic Designer?

This is the first thing you need to check in your graphic designer.

How many years of experience does your graphic designer have?

Has he made any logos for similar businesses?

Did you find those logo designs attractive?

While it’s nice to give a chance to passionate graphic designers with no experience, most businesses don’t go for it and risk the reputation of their new business.

In fact, they push their budget a little higher and hire an experienced logo designer.

Most companies go for professional logo design companies mainly because they have a dedicated team of experienced and passionate graphic designers under their wing.

These companies rigorously interview several graphic designers and churn out the best ones to add to their team, and that’s why the majority of the businesses prefer them over freelance logo designers to get the best corporate logo design for their companies.

So, if you are also thinking to hire a professional logo design company, set aside a good budget of approximately $150 for your logo design.

How Much Time Your Graphic Designer Is Taking to Craft Your Logo Design?

A logo design generally takes between one to two days to complete.

However, some logo designers create and deliver it in less time if the client demands an early submission.

So, if you want your logo design before the launch of an event in your industry, for instance, you have got to pay more to the graphic designers as they will put aside other projects, and work on your logo on priority.

However, if you have a limited logo design budget, and looking for affordable graphic designing services in Texas, we suggest you don’t ask for early submission.

What Other Deliverables Will Your Graphic Designer Be Submitting?

Hiring a professional logo design company for just one logo will cost you a fortune and won’t be a wise decision!

That’s why the majority of businesses contact one professional logo design company for their logo design, website, and stationary branding to avoid the hassle, and get more services at a relatively less price.

Most design agencies offer a variety of packages to suit every business’s budget and requirements.

We recommend you find an affordable graphic designing agency such as Extatic Design which offers promises quality deliverables at market-competitive rates.

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