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Does your logo look unique and attractive?

A logo must stand out from its competitors. As you know, today’s business circle is very competitive and fast paced. Many service providers, businesses and corporations might provide the same products and services you provide, making it extremely important for your business to stand out.

So before you critique on the final product, make sure you use these pro tips according to our in house logo designers to get the best final product

Tip 1: Use colors in a smart way

Colors in a logo can say a lot about your company’s image. For example, the emphasis of the color red in your logo, says that you are an aggressive firm which wants to go all in and is ready to reach out to your customers immediately. The color blue suggests that your company is more research based and focuses more on engaging with your customers. Designers and business owners use bright colors in a combination to attract customers and make it stand out from the competition

Tip 2: Fonts are a very important part of your logo

Fonts can play a vital role in addressing your company’s image. Use of a bolder font indicates that the company has a bolder image and is all about coming on to the customer. Likewise, using a childfont gives out an image which is friendly and welcoming. Moreover, the logos similar to Time New Roman, Arial and others can give a very professional look, which can be used for business as an Architectural firm, a hospital and others.

We suggest you be careful when finalizing your font, as they can define the way your company will be treated by future customers.

Tip 3: Going for a type logo or a graphic logo

First, what is the difference between a type logo and a graphic logo? Type logo is a form of a logo which is made up by the name of the company typed out, for example, Google, facebook, amazon etc. On the other hand, a graphic logo is the visual representation of the company, for example, Apple, Microsoft etc.

There are ups and downs for both type logos and graphic logos. Ups of type logo will be that it will be recognised by the customer by looking at it, incurring lower costs in branding, the downside can be customers view of the company being too lazy in designing and finding inspiration. A graphic logo on the other hand looks appealing, has a bunch of colors and is liked by a lot. But it requires a ton of branding and marketing for customers to know what the logo stands for.

Tip 4: Never stop looking for inspiration

Do you really think, someone just got out of bed and thought of a half bitten apple and designed it. We don’t think so! Our designers stress on the fact that the business owner should guide them and tell them their inspiration for their logo and their company to come up with an outstanding logo. Inspirations can be anything from paintings around you, people around you, the nature around you. Some even say looking at fellow company logos can give them inspiration. Go out and look for inspirations and don’t stop until you have it,

Tip 5: Think minimalist, the simpler the better

Minimalist, does not mean not using a bunch of things. It simply means using things which are utterly necessary to be there. Most designers recommend using not more than 3 items in the logo, with a couple colours. Minimalist logos have been found to be very effective in customers as it does not make the customer overthink the brand.

Be careful when opting a minimalist design, we don’t want you to end up designing one and it ends up being lazy.

Tip 6: Don’t be cheap when choosing your designer

It is a famous saying, the more sugar you add, the sweeter the dessert is. Spending a fair amount of money on getting something designed which is going to be the face and brand of your company pays off in the longer run.

The mistake many startups make is designing a cheap logo, which ends up damaging their business. A load of cash is required to get the company’s image back. So we recommend not to cheap out when opting for a designer.

All these tips will definitely help you get a unique and attractive design.

To confirm your hypothesis of whether your logo is unique and attractive, we recommend going for a small but comprehensive market survey. Go out to your potential customers and take their review about the logo. This will help you in one of two ways, you get an honest feedback of your logo and know if anything needs to be changed or you can get your brand familiarized by your customers even before starting.

Unique and an attractive logo design is every business owner’s right. Many online logo design services and web based logo designers are available in the market to get your logo designed. Cheap logo designs are also available on the internet, but it can end up being generic.

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