10 Best Web Designs of 2021

“Want to get your own customized website? How about going through some of the hottest website design trends in 2021”

The last 18 months have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Nearly all forms of businesses faced drastic changes to their core functionalities.

The same could be said for website design trends as well. They influence a business vastly since 95% of visitors perceive a company based on their website’s presentation.

There have been plenty of changes that occur to website development techniques as well. Some trends remained relevant, some were lost in the mix, while some forgotten ones made a return.

Let’s cut the chase and get straight into some of the most common and vividly used professional website development trends in 2021.

Parallax Animations:

Animations have been trendy in web designs for years now. One of these trends that appears different yet attractive to audiences is Parallax Animations. This is due to the sheer uniqueness of these animations.

Parallax Animations work as an illusion that makes you believe that the closer you get to the screen, the more objects move quicker than they appear. Fascinating! Isn’t it?!

These animations add a theatrical-style appearance to websites, making them appear even more eye-catching than they already are.

image 1


Manipulating Fonts:

Fonts have been an integral part of corporate website designing for ages. But over these years, they became a design trend of their own.

Font Manipulation is around the world in different fields. Web design development is no exception. Using different styles and sizes, website designs easily emulate this technique.

The most commonly used font manipulative design techniques include bold typography or bold fonts. Retro Fonts have also become trendy over the years, purely due to their nostalgic nature.

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Simplicity is elegant – White Spaces:

While most web designers try to be cheeky and appear more appealing, simplicity has no alternative here as well. White spaces still appear more elegant than ever.

If you are looking for a design that makes a website appear soothing to the audience’s eyes, with little to no distraction, white spaces are the thing for you!

White spaces serve as a breathing room for content on the website. The content stands out on viewing, creating a better understanding within the mind of the user.

nullimage 3


The “Scroll” Game:

Scrolling has been a main fixture in website designing. It is used as a tool to accommodate as much content as possible on a page of the website.

This technique is used extensively on home pages of websites to provide as much information as one can, while at times even serving as a navigation tool to other pages as well.

Different types are used in designing websites, but all pale in comparison with Scrollytelling. They serve the purpose of conveying the sites’ main theme to the audience in an interactive way.

image 4


Playing with Colors:

Color manipulation is widely used across numerous jobs. Designing is no different from this trend. Designers use color to add uniqueness to a website.

Different techniques are used that involve colors. Colorless is one of them. A plain, black and white appearance that adds this distinct sheen to them.

Gradient colors are also used extensively to add depth to websites designs. Then you have bold colors that appear to attract users without overwhelming their eyes.

Colors are also used specifically to invoke the moods of the users when they access a website.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR&VR):

Technology has evolved extensively over the years. So much so that they are influencing the field of website designing as well.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are being heavily deployed in professional web designing as well. They offer the user to interact with the product offered on the website.

This technique is usually deployed by automobile manufacturers, airlines, and multi-industry companies that allow their users to experience the products in the virtual world without needing to come to their dealerships at all.

iamge 6



The majority of websites follow the same trend of designing technique. This often leads to the user becoming alienated from using it any further.

Designers use illustration to avoid the user experience becoming stale, which ultimately leads to the website losing reach. They add a distinct look to the website as a whole.

These illustrations often help companies who are looking to rebrand themselves. They add a fresh, new look to their sites, using 2D and 3D illusions at their disposal.

image 7


Playing with Content:

Content management is very important since they play an important role in the appearance of a website. An aspect most designers tend to forget.

Trying to add as much content as possible on a site leads to slow loading and continuous scrolling. Which at times ends up infuriating the user.

Some sites personalize content based on the location and the search history of a user. Most notably, Google uses your history and location to base their suggestions on.

image 8


Voice-Activated Interface:

Another example of technological advancements influencing the web designing industry, many sites are now relying on an audio and voice-based interface.

The audio interface is extensively used by news sites, that at times are broadcasting live. They also use it on different blogs to provide a different user experience.

Google, again, comes as one of the main utilizers of Voice-activated interfaces, on which they have based their speech-to-text services.

Other sites also utilize this designing technique in their chatbots and virtual assistant services.

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Influenced by Preferences:

In recent years, preference-based, personalized website design has taken center stage. This is mainly

due to the rise of startups and NGOs around the globe.

In the post-pandemic era, designers are heavily influenced by themes aimed at helping others in these troublesome times.

The recent trends suggested that the modern-day internet will be heavily user-centric. So, websites had to adapt accordingly to these changing trends.

image 10



We live in an era where technological advancements are rapid, and they are influencing everything around us.

Website designing companies are no exception. From being basic, aimed at serving the core purpose of their creation, to now being extravagant, engaging more functionalities than intended.

Recent trends suggest that future website designs would be heavily based upon improving user experience using colors, fonts, and animations that appear eye-catching.

But you never know what new trend will overtake the rest!

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