4 Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Website Designers and Developers

Thanksgiving always brings happiness to everyone out there, one way or another.

Thanksgiving means Black Friday, and right after black Friday, it is Cyber Monday. Every year, we see several awesome WordPress cyber Monday deals that are too enticing to let go.

You probably are geared up for many amazing cyber Monday designer deals online, aren’t you?

In this blog, we will walk you through a shortlist of unsurpassable black Friday and designer cyber Monday deals for website designers and developers.

Exclusive Web Design Services (Offering up to 60% off)

ExtaticDesign is the go-to place for all design and development companies. Our name in the market has become significantly prominent over the last few years.

Every year, we announce exciting black Friday designer deals and website design specials to give back to our loyal customers for always preferring our services.

Offering our WordPress hosting services to all those agencies in need, we are bringing you forward with an offer you can’t deny this Thanksgiving. We are offering 500+ pre-designed web templates to all our customers so you can tweak your existing website or upgrade it all together!

That’s not it. Our web design black Friday 2020 deals were awesome, and the 2021 deals are awesome-er (if that’s even a word). We are also offering up to 30% of our exclusive website design services too! The black Friday and Cyber Monday designer deals are just as crazy as you imagined.

Grab your agency a spot for our incredible black Friday design sale before you run out of time or we run out of slots.

Mobile Application Development Services (Up to 80% off)

If you think our crazy deals were only limited to our web design services, we suggest you think again.

This Thanksgiving, Extatic Design is operating, intending to bless others. Thus, our black Friday web sale goes bigger and bigger.

Mobile app development services include business analysis, UI/UX design, testing and deployment, and online market publishing. How about we show you a little glimpse of our premium tools and products this time that will speed up your work?

Extatic Design offers you up to 80% off on the mobile application development services this Black Friday! We are here to bless you up with hard-to-believe mobile application development service deals that will catch you off-guard!

Make use of 100+ UI kits, Admin, and Mobile Templates based on the most popular front-end and back-end technologies with our stack!

Premium Web Development Services (Up to 50% off)

We are calling you all out to the designers and developers crew because we know how hard you bust yourself every time only to bring the best on the screen!

When you’re seeking excellent new online tools and services, Extatic Design is the place to go, primarily because of its web development black Friday sale. Our catalogue comprises several new hand-picked tools in more than 50 categories. And do you know what’s great? The tools are continuously improving every day.

Indeed, ExtaticDesign’s black Friday website development treats are impossible to resist!

The tools and the products offered to you as Web maintenance black Friday deals are of exceptional quality, and each one of them comes with a brief evaluation so you can get an idea of how the tool can benefit you.

Phenomenal IOS App Templates (Up to 30% off)

You may be tired of all the hassle IOS app templates put you through. Don’t worry; Extatic Design has got you covered.

Our phenomenal IOS app template service allows you to create various apps, including health, event, social, commerce, and food-related apps. There is no app domain you won’t cover with our 150+ screens, 80+ widgets, and sample application pages.

Available in light and dark themes, your IOS device will rock and shock the people around you with these IOS app templates. Get



This black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about getting your hands on crazy deals. If you want your Thanksgiving to be remarkable and forever memorable, you must get your hands on our web design and web development Black Friday deals.

You wouldn’t want to miss our black Friday deals for the world!

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